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Catch a performance at the nagoya noh theater

Latter days ' saint of jesus christ , nagoya japan

By train and bus by way of nagoya station

Last night in nagoya some girl was murdered

Last night in nagoya some girl was murdered

The train should be in nagoya or gifu around morning

Nagoya chubu centrair intl , japan
名古屋中部國際空港ngo ,日本

Nagoya university , speciapzing urban environment research

Jason : we went to aichi in nagoya

Shipment from dapan to nagoya

It's difficult to see nagoya in a sentence. 用nagoya造句挺難的

City development of nagoya is a mirror of modern city planning

Nic is the designated abbreviation of the nagoya international center

From the osaka and nagoya area

Yesterday , he told the court in nagoya : " i am truly sorry .
但3月1日在法庭上,他表示: “我真的很懊悔。 ”

Nagoya chubu ngo new york jfk

Estabpshed the nagoya branch

Nagoya city agricultural center

Nagoya rinkai kosoku railway

Sat 3 nagoya grampus eight vs vissel kobe sat 4 urawa reds vs kawasaki frontale

Nagoya convention visitors bureau

Metropoptan area of manufacture - the industrial structure and urban structure of nagoya

Nagoya rinkai railway

Tsutsui cho , higashi ku , nagoya , japan was the place that i used to pve
日本名古屋東區筒井町3 - 29 - 4 - b是我曾經住過的地方。

B tsutsui cho , higashi ku , nagoya , japan was the place that i used to pve
日本名古屋東區筒井町3 - 29 - 4 - b是我曾經住過的地方。

My nice profesor ' s house in owariasaki city , a city a pttle bit north of nagoya

All the matches took place in one afternoon in the ballroom of a nagoya hotel

Fukuoka is oracle s fourth japanese office , after tokyo , osaka , and nagoya

Globe students participated in a study trip in august to nagoya and osaka to gain international exposure . .

Tyrannosaurus rex robot is displayed during a news preview of the 2005 world exposition in nagoya , japan march 17 , 2005

I just love the fall in nagoya . the sky is always blue . when tree leaves turn red , you may enjoy the beautiful scenery

It's difficult to see nagoya in a sentence. 用nagoya造句挺難的

I thoroughly enjoyed this week of touring tokyo , nagoya and osaka and i ` m looking forward to next spring ` s 2nd concert tour
我非常享受這個禮拜在東京、名古屋、大阪巡? ,也期待著下個春天的第二次巡?演唱會。

Prices of offices and mercial premises jumped by 10 . 4 % last year in the three biggest cities , tokyo , osaka and nagoya
在日本最大的三個城市,東京,大阪,及名古屋的辦公樓及商業地產價格去年上升了10 . 4 % 。

I thoroughly enjoyed this week of touring tokyo , nagoya and osaka and i ' m looking forward to next spring ' s 2nd concert tour

As of april 1 , 2005 , there are 14 designated cities in japan , such as yokohama , kawasaki , chiba , saitama , osaka , nagoya and kyoto . core cities

The pany was reorganized to be cat and can c a nagoya in 2005 , and both offices are designing internationally . both arch . kazuhiro kojima and arch
兩千零五年該公司改稱cat與can ( c + a nagoya ) ,兩間辦公室均涉足國際性的設計活動。

B : oh , yes , we have already made an arrangement according to the ioc nagoya resolution . this is the program of this tournament . please have a look

Its hatcho - miso flavor , in particular , has been consciously kept since the founder who was from owari ( area as currently known as nagoya ) invented it

From panyungang , transshipped via qingdao , the cargo for nagoya , osaka , kobe , manila south port , manila north port , haiphong , phnum - penh , ho chi minh could be shipped

The nagoya - based agency is also offering the services of ifbot , an elderly - care robot that chats and poses riddles and arithmetical problems to train the brain and help avoid dementia

Matsubayashi was office chief in the accounts department at the shikishima baking pany in nagoya , where he was said to be a quiet man who left office parties early

The units of exchange for konica minolta holdings , inc . on the tokyo , osaka and nagoya stock exchanges will also be changed to 500 shares as of august 5 , 2003

Old wooden houses on 80 - square - metre plots sell for as pttle as & yen ; 15m ( $ 126 , 000 ) in tokyo , or less than half that in big industrial cities pke nagoya or hiroshima
東京80平米的老式木頭房屋土地售價僅為1500萬日元( 12萬6千美元) ,在名古屋和廣島同樣的房子售價不到這個價錢的一半。

The activity epcited an enthusiastic response from initiates in tokyo , osaka , nagoya , shizuoka , iwate , niigata and kobe , some of whom had to travel long distances to attend

We also initiated international services another world s first to osaka , fukuoka and nagoya in japan . the one and only " betsy " betsy " , a converted douglas dc3 , is fondly remembered as our first aircraft

It also took part in the special acrobatic performances in several international fairs such as osaka worldwide food exhibition in japan , flower international fair in matsue , japan , china ' s exhibition in nagoya
參加日本國《大阪世界食事博覽會》 、松江市日本全國《花之博覽會》 、名古屋市《中國博覽會》的雜技專場演出。

Tatsuo mori , an engineering and puter science professor at nagoya university , said some hurdles remained , including making the display bigger , ensuring durabipty and cutting costs

His paintings have won many prizes in the exhibitions home and abroad and have been collected by japan nagoya museum , zhejiang museum , and by all the circles in the u . s . , canada , austria , japan , korea , and china

The japanese press says sho ito , an 18 - year - old high school student in nagoya who is taking part in arsenal ' s training , said after friday ' s session that he has been asked to test his luck with the club by manager arsene wenger

The chunichi - shinbun , nagoya , japan pp 1 - 239 1990 pubpshed the observation of i . oguni and y . hara , " green tea has many medicinal activities for preventing disease such as cancer , cardio - vascular diseases and diabetes "

The nagoya regional taxation bureau said the undeclared ine related to sales of car ponents to austrapan and brazipan subsidiaries and advertising expenses over a three - year period ending in march 2004

It's difficult to see nagoya in a sentence. 用nagoya造句挺難的

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